Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

Well, we ARE in Vegas but not much is happening...we stopped here to catch up on some work, found an RV park with a good internet connection. Although we did visit the Strip last night and won $40 on our new favorite slot machine - Reel Winners. (Dad, tell Mom that our win makes up for your $6 loss in 1965).

We got hooked on Reel Winners back in Reno, where we did manage to arrive in time for our conference on October 24th...four days of "trade show black hole" later, we moved to an RV park in Carson City. Sally was here for the conference and her birthday, so the three of us worked in the mornings and did the tourist thing in the afternoon. We went to Virginia City, Lake Tahoe and discovered the fantastic dinner buffet at the Atlantis Casino - we went three times! Sally had a lucky week and won almost $400 total at her favorite - draw poker.

After Sally went home, Laurina and I drove south. We passed what must be the Western division of Solid Masonry - Rock Chuck!

We drove to Death Valley and spent a day there - what a gigantic, beautiful park. No internet access, though, or even phone access, which explains why we're parked in Vegas. I'm loving this site because the Thunderbirds are based 5 minutes away and they are
practicing their routines right outside my's like a free airshow!!! Kind of noisy, and distracting, but great. Wish you were here, Dad.

And here's a picture we took for Dad - the back of this big RV had a jet painted on it - guess the owner is a pilot!

More, when we catch up on work!


Cat said...
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Sykes said...

"Bright light city gonna set my soul ---gonna set my soul on fire....Viva Las Vegas"! Glad yaw'll had good luck on those slots & are enjoying the sights in the midst of your work schedules.
And thanks for all the pics, Bobbie. Keep on bloggin'!

Jack said...

Well I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die, when I hear bout that Jayhawk movin, I hang my head and cry....well its not that bad but I am jealous.

Californy must be next...

Nice pics

No Lake Tahoe comments? Better hit it on the way back....