Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rocky Mountain High

We stayed in Golden, outside of Denver for longer than we expected because of bad weather in the mountains west. We had a great day trip to Boulder.
We were a little anxious about our drive through the Rockies because of possible quick changes in weather, many hills and steep grades – all problematic as hauling newbies. But Bobbie did fine, following her brother Mike’s advice, going slow and taking deep breaths. The ooh and ahh factor was very high as we crossed through the Rockies – magnificent, grand. My head was whipping from side to side trying to see the better view. The elevation of the Eisenhower Tunnel is 11,013 feet! Tall narrow pines, snow covered mountains; a lift carrying skiers up a perpendicular slope. Great names of old mining towns like Silver Plume, contrasted with Silverthorne which sounds like the title of a bad fantasy novel. The views were stunning at Glenwood Canyon as the Colorado runs through. We saw 3 bighorn sheep right on the side of the road – 10 feet away!!! Impossible to photograph though. We drove through the White River National Forest and passed by Glenwood Springs where we had hoped to stay. Next time we'll stop for a hot soak. We continued on to Green River State Park where we spent the night. The sky was so dark and there was an abundance of stars – still there the next morning when we rose at 6am to get an early start. As we drove a landscape of rock formations and low green brush pine was revealed. We crossed the Utah border and saw Navajo sandstone 190 million years old at the Canyons of San Raphael; red stone changing to tan and gray, all changed by wind water & time. We stopped in Salt Lake City. It’s now October.

Scene on the road
Big horn sheep
A tumbleweed!
Herbie the Lovebug
Adopt a Highway sign supported by the Colorado Friends of John Denver
Mesas, Monuments and Memories sign
Sign of black steer on gold background = open range

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