Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The lure of the Southwest

Well, we've been in the Phoenix area for 2 weeks now and loving it! We've spent most of our time at Susa's Serendipity Ranch and it's a great place for us. There are walking trails, a labyrinth, guest units and 2 RV hookups so there's of room. Corrals but no horses at the moment -- lots of dogs though and Molly has been all over the open range. It's quiet and we've been able to work -- and yes, our satellite is pointed in the right direction and we're connected.We like being in one place for a while and settling in a bit. The women at the ranch are so nice and it's quite comfortable. We watch the wondrous sunsets over Superstition Mountain.

Our friend Lisa was with us for a couple of days following business in Phoenix and we had a grand time!We had lunch at the Phoenician, shopped in Old Scottsdale, visited "fabulous" Glendale, went to Montezuma's Castle and Sedona.

We hadn't really planned anything for Thanksgiving; some women at the ranch asked if we wanted to celebrate with them but we wanted to be with ourselves and be outdoors. So we decided to drive the Apache Trail -- 40 miles of mostly unpaved scenic, winding roads from Apaphe Junction to Globe through Tonto National Forest and Roosevelt Lake. Magnificent scenery! We need some new exclamations and adjectives because wow! look! and Good Lord! just don't cut it anymore. It's all so breathtaking. Like all good English majors we had a respectful moment at Tortilla Flat. We stopped at Tonto National Monument and walked up to the lower cliff dwelling; you can actually walk inside the ruins. The view of the lake below is outstanding.

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