Sunday, November 25, 2007

Those chiseled features, the blue eyes, that golden mop . . .

A long time ago I had a crush on Robert Redford. But that’s not why I wanted to go to Sundance -- I wanted to see where the Sundance catalog originated! No, really -- I heard it was a beautiful place but I was unprepared for just how beautiful. And how simple and rustic; all of the buildings are second to the natural beauty of the place and are harmonious with it. The air was full of the scent of pine and pure oxygen. It was sunny, snow-covered patches of ground, aspens, and the rushing creek. We walked all over and decided next time we want to stay River Lower in the Pines cabin.

Earlier in the day, we had been in Park City. Ski lifts come right into the center of town. Cool shops and eateries. Breathtaking setting.

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