Friday, April 11, 2008

Sushi Dreamin'

Maybe some of you know that I love, love, love sushi - it would definitely be my "last supper" choice. But with the price of gas so high, we haven't been able to indulge much lately. The last we had was before Christmas, in Tucson. I'm really craving some today.

We found an all-you-can-eat sushi place, and I have always sworn they would lose money on me. See for yourself - I think they did. That's me with the "before" picture, and Laurina after we were stuffed.


Leslie said...

Zounds!!! I was just browsing down my bookmark list and clicked for the 2456739th time on Three Meandering, and there is new material. Yay! Your pictures are great. I have to learn how to plug some pics into my blog. Probably only the dog would make the cut, but he would certainly give the format a bold, smart look.

That sushi looked yummy. I hope you are both able to find some time to post here. I really enjoy reading of your adventures. Take care - Leslie

Anonymous said...

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