Monday, October 26, 2009

Back again . . .

Well, it's about time to get this blog up and going again, don't you think? I know many of you would agree. We're not promising every day posts, and maybe not even every week. But we'll check in when we can and share a few notes and photos.

We arrived in Austin Texas after a 3-day drive west, leaving from Knoxville Maryland. It felt SO GOOD to be on the road again, seeing new terrain even from a highway. We had a lovely stop in Hot Springs Arkansas -- wasn't on my destination list but was a delightful surprise. We stayed at the National Park campground, small and one of the older ones, and we were fortunate to gain a spot on the river. The next morning we toured Hot Springs downtown, visiting the old bathhouses and getting a sense of what it was like during the Golden Age of Bathing. The architecture was stunning -- each building was different, two are still waiting to be restored. There are several open springs throughout town and the water is very hot. It's weird because the town lies within the National Park boundaries but is separate.

This was a great break before we began our 9 hour drive to Austin. We arrived after dark but managed to get set up before the rain began. Today it's still raining and we've stayed inside catching up on email and work. I'm thrilled to be in Austin and look forward to exploring this cool city -- music, barbeque,and a different Texan sensibility.

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