Sunday, April 6, 2008

Our Boys

Do you know how it is when you haven't been in touch with someone for a very long time, and you just keep letting it go because every day there are more things to tell them that you haven't had time to, so you just keep putting it off?

This blog is like that. We got buried with work and travel in December and the fun stuff, like this blog, just got left by the wayside. Since we last posted from Tucson, we've been there, Yuma again, San Diego, Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Phoenix and now we're in Santa Fe for the next few weeks. We have some pictures to post and we'll try and catch everyone up as we have time!

But today I wanted to post because I was reading the Santa Fe newspaper and saw this clip:
"Michael Combs brings his fiddle, guitar and accordion to Upper Crust Pizza for hours of classic Americana."
Could it be that OUR MICHAEL has a secret life? In addition to being a truck driver and superdad, he plays music on the side? I'll have to go to the pizza place to find out (bet he's not as handsome as our Mike is, though).

And I think we have another secret tycoon in the family (see attached picture) - Has little Keane been holding out on us? Is it a diamond mine, gold mine, plutonium? Kyra had better be nice to her little brother if she intends to fully live the princess life she is destined for...

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