Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Catching Up

Bells at Tubac

St. Francis at Tubac

Well, December just zoomed by! Work, getting acclimated, we moved sites at the campground, we visited with the Dooleys (my sister's in-laws.) We enjoyed some holiday festivities -- lights at Tubac and Winterhaven, "What a Wonderful Life" with the Dooleys at the beautiful, renovated Fox Theatre downtown, caroling anad luminaria night at Desert Trails. We spent Christmas with the Dooleys -- our home away from home. They're a great,welcoming family! We skyped with some friends and family.We had the weekend off. We read. We walked in the desert. We watched movies, including "Up and Away" which is really well-done and George Clooney is swooney, swooney.

At home

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