Saturday, November 7, 2009

Austin on a Saturday

Today we took some time to take Molly to an off-leash park on the river and of course, she had a great time.She still seems a bit bewildered by it all but she played and ran with some other dogs -- it was crowded -- and met many fans. Bobbie commented on how many other "relatives" of Molly were at the park -- border collies, australian shepherds and the like. We even saw 2 Irish Wolfhounds -- huge! No camera though, we left it at the RV.

Next we went on to the Farmer's Market -- how neat that's it's year-round here. Many locovores and supporters of sustainable agriculture. Such a bounty and samples galore! We loaded up on vegetables for soup, a yummy goat cheese,wheat bread, and ate the best scones ever. I sampled a divine chocolate -- a roasted cococa bean which was dipped in white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate and then dusted with cocoa. Can you imagine? You must try them -- go straight to the website now. It was a great morning.

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